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? Super Soft Premium Quality Disposable Bra One-Size - Lightweight Go Anywhere Disposable Underwear Bras Not Paper for Spa Massage Waxing Travel Maternity Hospital Trips Beach Holidays Emergency

? Super Soft Premium Quality Disposable Bra One-Size - Lightweight Go Anywhere Disposable Underwear Bras Not Paper for Spa Massage Waxing Travel Maternity Hospital Trips Beach Holidays Emergency
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Manufacturer Description


? One-Wear Disposable Bras are a top choice for people needing comfortable and practical disposable bras

? Fabric
The fabric used is either Black PolyPropylene or White Cotton
The elasticated banding is latex-free

? What's in the package?
? Each resealable pack contains 5 bras
? Each bra is hygienically wrapped keeping it clean and dry
? A single bra is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and discreetly in your pocket

? Care Instructions
One-Wear bras are disposable and can be worn once and thrown away
The cotton bras can be washed and reused

? Compact Design
Looking to save space?
? The special construction of our fabric means it is much lighter than traditional underwear fabric making it a real space-saver
? Throwing away your dirty disposable bras will be another space-saver

? Spa and Massage
If it is Spa and Massage bras that you are after then look no further than One-Wear and remember to pop a pair in your handbag before your next outing to the tanning salon or off for a massage

? One-Wear Disposable Underwear for your to Wear
Keep a pair in hand and no more:
? Awkward moments getting a Spa or Massage on that overseas holiday when you suddenly realise they don't provide underwear
? Embarrassing beach moments after slipping out of your beachwear as you make your way to the hotel room
? Underwear emergencies caused by lost or delayed airline luggage
? No more evenings spent wearing sweaty bras after a gym trips as you forgot pack a fresh one
? Embarrassing hospital moments without a clean bra

? One-Wear Disposable Bras are exclusive to Amazon and cannot be found in High Street Stores such as Boots and Mothercare.

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Product Features

? ONE-SIZE FITS MOST and INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED. The bras are elasticated and tied at the back and there are no shoulder straps for improved fit. Each compact bra is individually wrapped and so small and compact it can fit discreetly in your bag or pocket. SUPERSOFT, LIGHTWEIGHT and BREATHABLE the each bra is crafted from natural cotton ensures added comfort and a great feel for all-day use so they are ideal maternity / pregnancy or hospital wear as well as spas and spray tanning ? SPA and MASSAGE BRAS. Protecting a ladies modesty during beauty and body treatments One-Wear disposable bras are a womans best friend. Lay back and relax and now you have one less excuse not go to the beauty salon for spray tanning and waxing or any other cosmetic treatments. Ideal for professional use and can also be used in tattoo parlours or when getting a piercing to maintain privacy and avoid marking favourite underwear ? HOSPITAL and MATERNITY BRAS. Pack One-Wear bras in your hospital bag for long and short hospital stays for post surgical recovery or clinical visits. No need to wash bras when having surgery, recovering from an operation or procedure. Disposable bras are an essential element of a maternity birth bag for women. One-Wear bras are soft and flexible and will make breast-feeding much more accessible and avoids the need to use a nursing bra. Can be worn after a c section. ? STOCK UP YOUR BASICS with a 5-pack of One-Wear bras. A space-saver on holiday from short weekend city breaks to long-haul trips. A pair in hand luggage in case of lost baggage. A clean bra a day and no need for a washing machine when backpacking on hiking or camping vacations. Gym spares to emergency wear when there is no clean underwear. Sailing and beach vacations to overnight stays, sleepovers and business trips. Clothing for handling hazardous chemicals and asbestos to prison wear. ? TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK, that's our promise to you. Try something new without the risk. Why not buy affordable One-Wear disposable knickers / panties to make a set. Maternity briefs make a great and unusual pregnancy gift and an essential part of pregnant care which is why they are one of the hospital bag maternity essentials. Gifts for anyone in fact! Made from either white 100 % cotton or black polypropylene. Click on the Add to Cart button and Buy Now!