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Womens Silicone Bra Inserts and Breast Chest Pads Enhancers

Womens Silicone Bra Inserts and Breast Chest Pads Enhancers
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Manufacturer Description

Get Our Clear non-adhesive Silicone Bra Inserts Now And Make Your Day A Breeze- Make Your Breasts Look Bigger With Just One Move!

Do you love wearing décolleté dresses or T-shirts and you want to take your look the next level?

If your answer is yes, then we have exactly what you need!

Fengyuan EXTRA CUP bra fillers are designed so as to boost your confidence and make you feel like a super-star; now, you can increase your size up to 2.5 cups!

If you are ashamed of your loose sagging breasts and you're looking for a trick then this product is going to rock your world - our pads are going to make your breasts look firmer easily & effortlessly!

Feel sexier instantly by using Extra Cup pads!

Stay In Place All Day Long

No, you are not dreaming! Thanks to their premium silicone construction, these inserts guarantee to hug your breasts and offer a natural feeling of softness!

Their transparent design won't let anyone realize your little trick- place them under your bras, dresses or bikinis without hassle. Forget about small or sagging breasts and create an impressive cleavage nobody will forget!

The Best Silicone Breast Enhancer You'll Ever Have!

Product Features

Women Silicone Breast Enhancers - BOOST UP TO 2.5 cups sizes in an instant, Suitable for A, B and C cups - 270g Pair Designed to have the look, softness and feel of real breasts they come in natural skin colour so giving the appearance of extra breast tissue making them almost invisible inside the bra. The large breast cleavage silicone inserts are perfect for smaller cup size women. They fit perfect in most bras and swimsuits. Our silicone enhancers feel like a second skin, they have a sheer protective polyurethane exterior, which means you can easily wash them in warm, soapy water. Placing the inserts underneath the boob will create a push-up effect. Wearing them to the side of the boob will create an attractive cleavage. REUSABLE AND EASY TO WASH - Our high-quality silicone bra inserts are washable by hand and do not shrink, lose shape or loosen even with multiple wash, so you can use it over and over again for years. Can be used with corsets as well